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About Stu

Stu is well suited for the job of selling and representing wine.

He is very loyal to his mates and clients plus has a passion for sport and wine, so knows how to play tough and fair on the rugby field as well as in the market, which is a necessity in the current climate.

Now this is true, I am ‘well suited’ for this job and I have created a company where I represent the wine that I have absolute passion for. 


The Covid-19 effect on the market has been significant and Stu now has to spend more time in New Zealand. So what is he doing to help the distributors sell Te Awanga and Borthwick wines?

This has been a complete pain in the ass, ‘Covid-19’ Where does one start, devastating impact on the US plus seeing mates really suffer in the restaurant business as well as watching how the retail business has had to move outside their comfort zone. 


Stu chose Te Awanga and Borthwick vineyards due to what? quality, price and style?

I just tasted their wines and that’s how ‘simple’ it really was, it showed their honesty, their good looks and their charm!

Just one glass and you will understand why I was captivated by Kiwi Sauvy and more!


Thanks for taking your time in trying our wines and enjoy STU


About Stu

'What they say' and 'what he says'


Stu is a highly experienced United States wine market operator.

Well ‘highly experienced’ meaning over the last 20 years I have spent a s__t load of time in US planes and airports! more on that


He oversees sales activity in all US markets, travelling extensively across the country where he is coordinating events, wine shows and managing shipping, inventory and media relations.

Really, ‘sales activity,’ I just visit wine shops and restaurants and catch up with my mates, most happen to be selling our wines.


Since 2000 Stu has worked with every level of the US market: importer, distributor, trade and media. His current personal networks are comprehensive throughout the US and NZ and he has an in-depth knowledge of both markets.

Yes ‘Since 2000’ that is correct I have spent 20 years with a weight issue, either on this body or at airports trying to travel without checking my bag! 

Stu spent six years running Villa Maria’s sales and marketing operations in the USA and Canada (2003-2009). He is a qualified viticulturist and has owned a vineyard as well as overseeing Hawke's Bay vineyards during the growing season and harvest.

Phew… ‘six years’ travelling 40 weeks each year discovering how to sell wine and debating screw caps but I loved my time living in the States 


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